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Carbon Black Ash Removal System for Waste Tyre Pyrolysis

Product Description

1. The origin of ash content in carbon black 
There are two origins of the ash in pyrolyzed carbon black. It may come from the dust and dirt on surface of waste tyres, or such organic and inorganic compounds in tyres as CaCO3, Ca (HCO3)2, SiO2 and kaolin. These substances are mixed into the carbon black during the pyrolysis process of tyres. 

2. Removing ash from carbon black 
Due to the various compositions of ash, it is a complex process to remove ash form carbon black. Moreover, as the ash is fully mixed with the carbon black, a chemical process is usually prefered instead of a physical process to reduce the as content in carbon black. 

3. Process flow 
Carbon black - steel wire seperated - carbon black primary crushing - conveyor feeding - reacting tank - washing tank - neutralizing tank - washing - drying - fed to grinding machine with screw conveyor.

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